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Glasses of the brand RIEDEL are the most established in the world for wine experts and the s
ommeliers know it. If you touch the glass you will feel like you are listening to the
Wien Philharmonic orchestra. The idea that the shape of the glass can influence the taste of t
he wine was not accepted as an argument 50 years ago.
George Riedel is the person who has changed this opinion.
The story begins in 1958 when he has made a special glass for wine and gave it to
Baron Rotschield for degustation. The answer he got is that there was no difference in the taste
of the wine. Than another glass was made and it completely astonished the Baron and he
ordered big quantities to be made just for him.
This sample even today is kept in the Museum of Modern Art In New York.
The rest is history: these days the glasses from Riedel family are a cult, the best in the world ad
it is often said that they rank at the same level as Ferrari or Rolls-Royce.
RIEDEL designs four basic series of glasses: Sommeliers and Vitrum which are made from the
finest crystal, Ouverture and Wine which in their composition have added a special ingredient
for even better quality. These beautiful glasses for diverse and specific sorts of wine adorn
peoples’ homes, restaurants worldwide and bring joy for those who appreciate quality wine.